Shirt by Endure Skatewear, photo by Kelsey Schmidt

Shirt by Endure Skatewear, photo by Kelsey Schmidt

Hey Derbyverse, it's Nox

Nox Skate Co. is born from my love of derby and the work I do in the derbyverse over at NoxTalks.

I've been dreaming up designs for over a year and, thanks to Redbubble and my designer friend Ace, I am finally able to bring these designs to life and to your door!

NoxTalks Site, Youtube,  Facebook  Insta  

I sell through Redbubble

I use Redbubble to give you easy access to a huge range of products, more sizing options, and easy shipping to countries around the world.

Redbubble is a platform where independent artists can sell their work to people all over! I upload the work, they handle the processing, manufacturing, shipping and everything in-between! They also offer a HUGE range of products, most apparel comes in S-3XL, and they ship to countries all over the world

So all product links on this site lead to the Nox Skate Co. shop on Redbubble. There you can find even more style and color options, place your order, track it, and explore more awesome creators!

If you have any questions about how this works, contact me!





About the graphic designer, Ace

Ace designed all four designs and my logo! She is an amazingly talented graphic designer, my leaguemate, and also a really cool person. Find her work here: Behance, Instagram